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Handbag Light With Motion Sensors New For 2016

$17.95 $14.95

It’s not even dark yet but inside your handbag it’s pitch black, you fish around for something which refuses to be found.  How can there be so many things in there that you don’t want right now!  Touch the little red heart hanging at the top and hey presto – we have light inside that bag.  Who could manage without one? No switches and goes off after 15 secs, touch it again for more light – no playing with it now!  Could this be the perfect gift too, everyone I know would wants one and I’m not giving mine up for sure.  Great for hunting at the bottom of a rucksack or sports bag too so the guys aren’t left out.  Get yours now before they go, we don’t have that many left, full money back guarantee and shipping only $2.95 –

Be the first to have one, these are new, go for it! Do your Christmas shopping too.


  • Size: 4×4.5×2.5cm
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